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Our Adoption Approval Policy

NOTE! We only adopt to homes located within a 75 mile radius from our shelter.

Applications for adoption are required for all animals and are subject to approval based on the information provided on the application form. Missing or incorrect information will automatically cause the application to be denied. All applications must be filled out completely . You must be at least 21 years old to apply.

Applications can take 2 or more working days to process. Our policy is to ensure a proper "match" between the selected animal(s) and applicant(s) considering past pet history, living environment, working hours, lifestyle, etc. Any owned pets must be spayed or neutered and be up to date on all shots.

We will take more than one application on an animal. Applications are not considered on a "first-come" basis but on what we judge to be the best home for the animal being applied for based on the information provided on the application form.

Only approved applicants will be contacted regarding their application.

The adoption fees are $85 for cats and $100-$150 for dogs. This includes all shots to date, spay-neuter and heartworm/feline leukemia tests. Dog fees includes a microchip. Cats must be taken home in a pet carrier.

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